Join Our Exclusive Kitten Club

Dear Kittens,

Do you love our brand?

Want to get exclusive discounts, vote on new designs, and help shape the world of fashion? Oh and did we mention potentially winning FREE all inclusive trips to Hawaii or Puerto Rico? 

And if that isn't enough, what if you can even get paid ontop of it!?

Sounds amazing, right?!

Well, then you might want to keep reading because we have a one of a kind program for kittens who not only wear our brand but also want to actively help spread the word and be apart of our global community that helps empower women through our fashion brand, BoredKitten.

We believe that the best form of advertising is delighting a customer and making them feel confident and sexy in whatever they buy from us. 


Because as a little boutique we don't have the kind of budget that the larger brands do, and we rely on happy customers who share our brand and tell their friends and family where they got that cute outfit they are so proud of.

And unlike those big brands that only focus on sales numbers, we believe every customer matters, because know behind every purchase is a real person, a real story, and a real hope that the purchase they are making is going to help you look fierce, sexy, and confident - whether it be for a night out around town, a first date, or even "just because", because who doesn't want to look amazing 24/7?

So as a Kitten Club member, you can help drive our mission of empowering women forward, by not only getting up to a redeemable 30% discount every month, but also a chance to have a voice in helping us design and produce the next amazing outfit we sell on our store!  

...AND did we mention kittens who help empower and refer the most women to our brand can also score an all-inclusive trip for you and a plus one to Hawaii or Costa Rica?!

Amazing, right!?

We never want to lose touch with our roots and the amazing customers who support us and make us who we are, so we created this incredible club for those who not only want to buy from our brand but also be a major part of it.

The discounts, the all-inclusive trips, and even getting a little side money are amazing, but we feel that by incorporating our customers into our mission and opening up a channel to help us shape our vision of the future, we can truly create an amazing, inclusive, and empowering brand for all women around the world.

...because every woman deserves to feel beautiful!

The Perks

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- Get a 30% OFF discount code every month 
- Get access to exclusive Kitten Club outfits
- Get 1 FREE Item Every Year ( Under $150 )
- Send in photos/videos to potentially get featured on our website/social media
- Earn up to a 40% commission per referral you make
- Win All-Inclusive Island Getaways For You & a Plus +1 to Hawaii or Puerto Rico
- Get to Vote on New Outfits & Ideas with our BoredKitten Design Team
- Help Empower & Make Other Women Feel Beautiful

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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Does it cost anything to join our Kitten Club?
Yes, it is only $16.97 a month, because we take our brand and our mission seriously and have hired a full time community support rep to be available to help you with anything you might need to share the word and prevent any brand misuse. Plus every year you are in the Kitten Club as our thank you to being part of our community we give you a store credit to get ONE free item up to $150!
- How do I win a trip to Hawaii or Puerto Rico?
Every three months we get together as a team and look at who has helped advance our mission the most by spreading the word to friends and family and has actively engaged in our community, providing feedback, insight or even making thoughtful introductions. Once decided, that lucky kitten will receive an email and a handwritten letter from all of us at BoredKitten with a special surprise for you and a plus one as a special thank you for everything you helped us achieve that quarter! 
- How do I redeem the FREE $150 credit every year?
The FREE $150 credit will automatically be added to your kitten account after every 12 months from your sign up date to the Kitten Club. :) Think of it like a happy anniversary present from us to you for supporting us in our mission!
- How do I get featured on the BoredKitten website or social media pages?
Easy! Whenever you buy anything from us, post an image or video on TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media outlet and tag us using the hashtag #boredkitten - or share it in our community group and if it fits our brand guidelines we would happily feature you and help you earn more followers! 
- Can I help design new items?
Absolutely, every season we share designs and prototypes of what we are working on and ask for feedback from our Kitten Club community. You get to vote on which items are your favorite and if you are a designer or aspiring designer, if you want to submit a concept for us to create, if the community votes on it we will even pay you! 
- Can I cancel at any time?
While we would hate for you to ever leave our community, you absolutely can cancel at any time by reaching out to the community support rep

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The Community 

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